Energy costs of a baby

Probably you will not find time spent on energy consumption one of the nicest things right before or after the arrival of your child, but it is still very worthwhile. You can save a lot of money by paying attention to the already higher energy consumption. Because, yes, you may not think about it that way, but the arrival of a little orphan in your house can increase your energy costs considerably. How does the new family member influence energy consumption and what are the energy costs of a baby?

Heating costs up

Especially when a baby is born in the winter and it is very cold, you do everything to keep it warm inside. The heating is soon a few degrees higher than before the birth of your child. Then you can think: what is a few degrees? That may seem like that at first glance, but if you have the heating a few degrees higher every day, the heating costs can still be a lot higher. Gas consumption in particular has an effect on energy bills.

Also, just before the arrival of your child and the first time after it is born, you are more at home, so you also have the heating on. Make sure that your doors close properly and only heated rooms where necessary.
Also remember that possibly high temperatures are not necessarily better for your baby. Warm dressing, covering and a normal temperature (20 degrees) are fine.

Know that each degree that the heating is higher, causes an increase of about 7 percent in energy consumption. New home or renovation in the planning? Then go for insulation, so you save a lot on gas consumption.

A baby is a wonderful addition to the family, but also brings costs. What exactly are the extra energy costs of a baby?

Use dryer and washing machine rises

Even though your baby is still so small and only wears small, cute baby clothes, you have stacks with it. What do you think of the hydrophilic diapers, with which you save on the diaper costs but use extra energy?

You also have a baby bed that you have to change regularly and the many towels for all the baby's baths. Then we have not talked about all the extra was when you have a baby that spits a lot. In that case, your washing machine often has to run at a high temperature.
You might be familiar with the fact that a dryer uses a lot of energy. But if you have a baby at home, it is not always nice to get all your laundry dry without a dryer. If you live in a small house or have a large family, a dryer can really be indispensable.

New appliances in the house also count towards the energy costs of a baby

Because of the arrival of your child you usually also use new devices in the house. Think of a baby monitor, a night light, possibly a breast pump and a bottle warmer. Some devices just use more, such as the microwave and the kettle. Preparing meals for your baby also costs extra energy. In addition, the TV or radio will also be on more often, because you yourself are also more often at home.

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How can you save on the higher energy costs?

The arrival of a baby brings with it a higher energy consumption. That's a fact. But you yourself have a partial influence on the level of these costs. It is recommended to compare the tariffs of different energy suppliers.
This can easily be done online, by choosing energy on a comparison site. Saves you a lot of time.

This can result in an annual saving of hundreds of euros. Especially if you, in combination with lower rates or the favorable welcome discount that the energy supplier offers, also pay attention to the energy consumption at home. Because you can also save considerably on the energy costs of a baby. And with the money that you keep, you can get something nice or important for the baby.

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