The best sleeping position and other tips for safe sleeping of the baby!

In order to ensure that you bring the baby to sleep safely to the highest level, there are a number of guidelines that you should consider. Yes, even at bedtime, certain things are very important. So it is not a matter of laying in bed and goodnight. No no. Things like the best sleeping position of the babyThe type of bed, bedding and environmental factors play a major role in the safety of your child during a nap. Below we list everything you can pay attention to so that you can prevent terrible things like cot death as much as possible.

What is cot death?

The Dutch Baby Safety Commission has drawn up a number of guidelines to optimize the safe sleeping of the baby as much as possible. The 'Guidelines for sleeping safely' contribute to the reduction of cot death in the Netherlands. Between 2012 and 2016, 59 children less than 1 year old died from cot death in the Netherlands. Cot death means that a healthy baby under the age of 1 year dies unexpectedly in the crib or bed. The cause is often not easy to figure out.

Best sleeping position of the baby

To start at the beginning, the sleeping position of the baby is very important. Never put your little baby on his or her stomach before bedtime. A baby must always lie on the back. This way the head is free and your baby can not suffocate in the pillow or the mattress. A newborn baby may be placed on the side for the first weeks. But as soon as your baby can roll around somewhat, you have to put his or her back on the back. When your baby is old enough to quickly turn around, your baby can determine the sleeping position.

In addition, try to change the side of the head. So then once to the right and then once to the left. If you notice that your baby has a preferred attitude and likes to look into the room or look at the window, turn the whole bed around so that you can still put the head in the other direction.

Newborn baby sleeping bag or blanket?

Using a duvet for a newborn baby is a no go according to the Baby Baby Safety Committee. This is too hot, your baby can come with the head underneath and your baby can easily get stuck in and suffocate. It is preferable to use a sleeping bag in the first 2 years of life of your little one. Because the head of your baby can not go under the sleeping bag, there is no question of heat build-up.

Another advantage of a sleeping bag is that your baby can not roll over to the belly. If you buy a sleeping bag, make sure that the arm holes and the neck opening are not too big. If it is very cold, you can use blankets or sheets as an extra. Stop it tightly.

You make a baby bed like that!

If you do not have a sleeping bag, you can only use blankets or sheets, but no duvet. A blanket in a duvet cover may be allowed, with the condition that the blanket is as large as the cover. Make sure you make the bed short and firm. Your baby's feet should touch the foot end. In addition, the sheet may reach to the shoulders, but not further and you also put the sheet on the sides. Another way to pack your baby well is swaddling.

Safe sleeping in bed parents

Your baby is nowhere as safe as you are, right? Well not entirely. Although opinions are sometimes still divided, the guidelines say that you better not let your baby sleep in bed with you. Especially in the first 4 months sleeping in bed is a risk factor for cot death. For example because:

  • Your baby gets too hot from the blankets and from your bodies.
  • Your baby gets trapped between the mattresses.
  • The baby falls out of bed.
  • Your baby with the face against the pillows is pressed.

Handy such a baby bed? Click on the image for more information.

The best place to sleep for your baby is a cot or a cradle. You can put it next to your bed for the first months so you can take action quickly. This is also useful for feeding.

Safe sleeping of the baby video

Images often say more than words. Watch this video with some safe sleeping tips, for the best sleeping position of the baby!

Other safe sleeping tips

Below are some tips for safe sleeping of the baby, according to the guidelines.

  • Make sure that the room temperature is between 16 and 18 degrees. Dress your baby according to the room temperature, not the outside temperature.
  • Do not dress your baby too hot and pay attention to the combination of romper, pajamas and sleeping bag / blanket. If the neck of your baby feels comfortable then it is good. Watch out when your baby has a fever, then your baby is already warm enough and sheets can be enough.
  • Do not put your baby on a hat after a few days. Your baby regulates the temperature via the head.
  • Keep in mind the warm days in the summer and make sure your baby never gets too hot. Read our tips about getting your baby dressed in the summer.
  • Provide adequate ventilation in the nursery and allow the room to be aired daily.
  • Do not smoke in the presence of your baby.
  • Ensure a safe bed: the sides are ventilating, the bar distances between 4.5 to 6.5 centimeters, the mattress fits well and is firm.
  • Do not place pillows, cuddly toys or head protectors in the cot. These can impede breathing.
  • Do not place a tarp or mattress cover in the bed that has an impermeable layer (air and moisture tight). If you want to use this anyway, make sure it is not under the head.
  • Do not give your baby any resources with a sleep-inducing effect. Do you breastfeed? Do not take it yourself.
  • It appears that breastfeeding can reduce the risk of cot death. The same applies to a pacifier.

Safe sleeping Folder

Would you like to read all over again what the best sleeping position of the baby is and quickly at hand? Then download this safe sleeping folder and print it out. Made by Consumer and safety.

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