Osteopathy in babies

Crying babies, babies who sleep badly or are always in the same position may have symptoms that are not visible. For example, vertebrae that are crooked or less mobile. A cause of this is a very fast or very slow delivery.
Osteopathy in babies means that a therapist examines the body on stuck bones, muscles or vertebrae and then treats. This can reduce the symptoms of the baby and possibly help cry babies or infants who sleep badly.

What does an osteopath do?

An osteopath is a therapist who deals with the movements in the body. Everything in the body is in motion, from bones to muscles, organs and blood vessels. If something can not move well, this can cause complaints. For example when the vertebrae are crooked. An osteopath then helps the baby to release it more.

The treatments of an osteopath in babies are always extremely careful. The body of your baby is never manipulated, but only mobilization techniques are used. Through these techniques the tissue gets the chance to relax more. Also, the vertebrae or shin bones become more mobile with respect to each other.

What do you go to an osteopath with a baby?

Osteopathy in babies is often used. It can help to reduce or deal with the following complaints:

  • Clear preferred attitude
  • Sleep problems
  • Difficulty with sucking or swallowing
  • Reflux: often choking and vomiting
  • Colon cramps
  • A lot of crying, bad sleep, restless
  • Spasmodic postures due to poor mobility
  • Distortion of the skull
  • Very sensitive neck
  • Eczema or other allergies
  • Problems with the nose, throat or ears.

Is osteopathy harmful in babies?

This is a very good question with a very double answer. The osteopaths themselves indicate that osteopathy is not at all dangerous. The mobilization techniques are always carried out carefully and never with great pressure, push or pull movements.
Yet pediatricians and GPs say something completely different. An example is the story of baby Marloe.

Baby Marloe was a restless baby. Her mother suspected something was wrong, but she could not put her finger on it. The clinic referred her to a craniosacral therapist and physiotherapist. Her baby died during the treatment. The therapist had held Baby Marloe in such a position that her breath was pinched.

It has happened more often that babies who were bent by therapists died. Doctors warn parents of dangerous therapies and do not see any benefit osteopathy in babies no more than other forms of therapy. Zembla has devoted a broadcast to you that you can look back here.

Bending babies is life-threatening?

RTL has researched the various alternative therapies including osteopathy in babies. In particular, the bending or folding of babies is considered 'life-threatening' by paediatricians. The breath is pinched, and in addition, cardiac arrhythmias and respiratory disorders can occur. The technique whereby therapists bring the baby back to the fetal position is anything but 'beneficial'.

Osteopathy in babies: What to do?

The folding of babies does not belong to the Dutch Osteopath Federation. In osteopathy, never harsh techniques are used, but rather the movement limits are respected. Despite the many negative media attention, dozens of therapists are still active in the Netherlands who have achieved good results. So the choice is entirely up to you.

GPs and paediatricians continue to warn. First you have to go to your doctor anyway if you feel that something is wrong with your baby. In consultation with an expert, you may be able to make a well-considered and good decision.

But remember: babies just cry. One more than the other. A crying baby can be horrible, but before you consider osteopathy with your baby, first think that it will change automatically.

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