Baby clothes buy tips

You often only notice when you become a mother or father, that some things that seemed very simple at first seem more difficult than thought. For example, think of buying baby clothes. What can you buy the best and what should you have at home for the small shoot? In this blog I will give you the most important tips to ensure that you have the right baby clothing and the right amount. This way you save yourself money, hassle and stress.

Comfortable baby clothing is essential!

How tempting it can be to buy cute and cute dresses, pants or sweaters. Comfort is very important for small babies. A baby is most of the time in a pram, box or bed. For that reason it is important that the clothing is made of natural materials such as cotton, wool or terry cloth. These fabrics are flexible and breathe better than, for example, polyester.

In addition, make sure that the clothing has as few frills as possible and no hood. Your child is a lot less comfortable when there are seams or a big bulge on the back.

Convenience when dressing your baby

Especially when your child is still very small, it is wise to pay attention to clothes that are easy to put on and take off when buying baby clothes. Clothes that have to be pulled over the head every time is not pleasant for your baby. You do not have to go over your head drums and are therefore ideal for the little one. There are also transfer vests and wrap-overs.

Another option are shirts that have buttons at the neck. This makes it easier to attract. Also keep in mind that you have to change the diaper several times a day, a romper with snaps is very useful.

Did you know this? This mother shows you how to stretch a romper in the right way. You can even do it with one hand!

Seasons and baby clothes

It may sound very plausible, but it is often something that some future parents forget. Make sure the baby clothing fits the season in which your child is born. In all your enthusiasm you can easily buy clothes for your child in the winter while you like it in the summer. So try to take this into account and do not worry, there are always nice clothes to be found, even in a few months.

Do you want to know how your baby is going to develop?

Then read our baby calendar and follow the development from month to month!

Buying baby clothes for the first months

Buying mountains with baby clothing is not necessary for the first months. After 2 months, your baby has already grown out of the first clothes. A newborn baby usually has size 50/56. From 3 months this is already too small and you change to size 62/68. Are you going to buy baby clothes, make sure that the below is in the house and probably you come a long way.

  • 6 rompers.
  • 4 to 6 sets of clothing (sweaters, pants or cardigans).
  • a number of baby socks.
  • 2 cotton caps.

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