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In my practice, Jong Spirit, I work as a coach and animals / child interpreter. In addition, I teach various courses, such as communicating with animals, intuitively dealing with children, telepathic communication with children and respecting the course.

As a child interpreter (and interpreter) I work through photo analysis. This requires a photo of your child so that the contact can be made. The photo should be on the same frequency as the child. During the contact information comes up from the core of the child. This can be about emotions, physical complaints, wishes and causes of certain behaviors. This gives children a voice and can look at their personal needs. This method can also be used in larger children and adults. The contact is then made with the subconscious, the place where all information about causes and consequences is stored!
Own work: The books: infinite insight, zoo animals and digital book meditations for children. Together with my daughter, then 6 years old, I created, designed and created the animal inspiration card set for children. For the MIR method I designed the matching symbols of the 9 steps.
My way of working is both intuitive and practical and with both feet on the ground. During my work I have much to my intuition to get to the core of the problems. The coaching is adapted to the needs of the person being coached. It is very important for me to involve parents / carers in the coaching of children. Photo analysis is done with good finding of both parents.
The purpose of my work is to provide children and adults with tools, give insights and stimulate awareness in order to be able to independently follow your own path. Taking your own responsibility for your life is essential to be able to develop yourself!
You can contact me with questions about autistic children, HSP (high sensitivity), indigo / new-age children, matrix coaching, paranormal gift and development intuition. On my site you will find more information about the possibilities.

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Our visitors asked her the following questions:

What is your opinion about childcare?

My experience is that childcare is very good for children. They learn to deal with other adults and children at a young age. There are of course very sensitive children for whom reception in the beginning will be very much used to. It is essential that you react to this as a parent yourself. If you leave your child with a guilt, fear or grief at the shelter, your child will certainly pick it up and experience the shelter as something that causes an unpleasant feeling for the parent. If you are a parent for your choice of care, and you are just happy for your child that he can play with other children, then you will understand that the experience for the child compared to the care will be much more positive!

Recently, our daughter (almost 3 years) no longer wants to go to my mom's parents. she does not like it, and immediately wants to go home again. I had to work on the day she was last there. Pap wanted to go smooth fishing and left our daughter with grandpa and grandmother. This happened often. Grandma also fits her once or twice a week. On this day there was also a visit from the brother of grandma and the wife. Grandpa was not at home. Grandma had to smooth the laundry in because it started to rain. Our daughter then hid under the table. The woman then took her out of it. She has not wanted to go there since that day. She was probably shocked that Grandma was not there. When I ask her why she does not want to, I do not get an answer. My question now is: what can we do to turn this tide again?

So you see that in our eyes "small" things can be of great significance for small children. What I feel with your daughter is separation anxiety. I think this has already been done. What is very important to her now is that you show her that what you think / feel corresponds to what you look forward to. If she feels that you have stress, or guilt, she picks it up in the meantime. She has a great need for open and clear communication to her. Say what the intention is, say what you are going to do, say what she can expect. That will give her much more rest and especially clarity. I think it's good to give grandfather and grandmother this so that they too go along with this openness. If you are relaxed yourself, even if she goes to grandfather and grandmother, she will go with you in your calm emotion. I hope you can do something with this,

Hope to be at the right address here. In two weeks I will see my daughter again for the first time through guided contact in a social center. The aim is independent working. Do you have any tips for me? So my daughter is 19 months old and I do not know. She knows nothing about her since the last meeting dates from the period she was 6 months old. Then she is alienated from me. The meeting will last about 1.5 hours and every two weeks. A nervous father who rejoices but finds it scary.

Hello, First of all very good that you have emailed. I can imagine that it is very exciting to finally be able to see your own daughter again! I find it difficult to tell you how you handle this. Every situation is unique again. What I think is important is that you try to stay with yourself. For example, make sure you sit in your belly breathing, then you feel more relaxed and that feels your daughter
also. Talk to her (without blame or other negative words). Sit in the now and enjoy her. Stay especially loving and positive! Because even small children get so much of the feelings of parents! I wish you lots of fun and happiness with each other!

Our grandson of just 2 years eats twice a week with us. Usually he is very cheerful, sits down well at the table but can suddenly get a drift attack. Want to get out of the chair, scream on the floor or cry next to me and pull my arm. This can take an hour, we do not eat nice and cozy anymore. Eventually he wants to eat on his lap, I do not allow this. In the end he goes to bed and goes to bed without food. What to do?

I can imagine that this is very difficult for you. It is different with your grandson as with your own child. I feel that there is something behind your grandson. There is a reason why one time and sometimes not. If I feel that way, it has to do with how his parents bring him to you. In what kind of energy they are at that moment. The calmer they are, the safer they feel. But if there is stress (especially with the mother) he responds very strongly to it. He then feels unsafe and insecure. If you want to know more about what exactly is going on, then a photo analysis with your grandson is an option. With a photo analysis contact is made at telepathic level by means of a photo of a child. All kinds of questions can be addressed. What your grandson needs at times of tantrums is comfort. He wants to be seen / heard for a moment. He wants to feel safe. Maybe it's an idea to just leave the food for what it is during such a storm, and see what you can achieve with comfort and tranquility. Goodluck!

I have a burning question.
I will give birth to my first child at the beginning of March. My question is, can I go on vacation with a baby in late April / early May? We would like to go to Suriname for the seventh time but with our new shoot. Personally, I think very easily about taking my baby. People around me are very negative about me going on holiday with a new born baby, so I become insecure while inside my heart says let them talk, I'll do it anyway.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. Also enjoy it. The most important thing is to always listen to your own feelings. There are always opinions of people around you. And that is mainly their opinions, standards and values! You are not the first and will certainly not be the last to go on holiday with a baby. What is important is that you feel comfortable with it. Explain the things that are going to happen to your baby. Your words, and especially your energy / intent that stand for these words, certainly come in with your child. Even during pregnancy! In short, follow your heart! Then it will be all right.

How can I make my son (3 years, HSP) more resilient without losing his own self? He is, for example, afraid of the streets for almost everyone who is walking towards us. He also scares a lot of crazy or loud noises on the radio, or for example the monthly siren. Furthermore, he is very cheerful and energetic, but can really panic if something makes him anxious.

I understand your dilemma, you want to protect your child, but at the same time you want him to retain his own identity. Perhaps you recognize the hypersensitivity yourself? You often see that hsp occurs in both parents and children. If you are an HSPer, it is important to avoid too many impulses as much as possible, that is the basis. This is obviously not possible in all situations. It is important that your son is well connected with his body. Do grounding games with him like stamping, making roots like a tree, breathing to your toes. In this way he learns to stand well in his strength. In addition, if you go to an impulsive environment, you can teach him to wear a kind of rainbow coat that protects him from all nasty sounds and influences protected. You can also do this by letting him step into a soap bubble. All through visualization. Keep listening and watching your son and his needs. A beautiful tiger eye gemstone can enhance the feeling of protection. Coaching through the matrix method is also an option so that your son can learn to deal with his sensitivity in a playful way. Goodluck.

I have a 18 month old son who has a number of problems that may be normal with his age, but it bothers me and I find it a problem. He doesn't sleep like sleeping.Only at night around 20.00 with difficulty in bed and is going to sleep at night still awake from time to time with a short cry. At midday he only wants to sleep when he is breastfed in my bed. He wakes up very quickly from every sound. Since birth I have never been careful with sound, but he can not go anywhere he sleeps and falls asleep with difficulty. The door handle he hears from his room.Sometimes it seems as if he is scared.A light also does not help.More often he is really crying with tears and crying.I want him to be good sleep, but do not know what is going on. He does not want to eat food. Fruit and a sandwich goes well and at the nursery it goes super. He throws food and just eats ns. Cozy with mum and dad helps not even. I offer him everything and I have followed all advice from the clinic, but nothing helps. Kwa weight is good. Listening he does not. No to no, and not allowed and not doen.Maar he looks at us and just does it.Daily he throws toys and then he does not listen either. He can not really play games. He is very tired and bored. Only when a child is visiting or he is with someone he thinks it's great and he can play well. Learning words he likes. I hope that you can help me.

Thank you for your mail / question. From your story I make that your son is very sensitive. Sensitive to sounds but especially to emotions of you, parents. No matter how small children are, they get so much of what's going on in their environment. The first steps you can take is to talk to him. Explain everything you do. Do not talk without the word, but focus your attention on what you want. So instead of not doing so you say what you expect from him. I also have the idea that it is now time to pay a little more attention to yourself. Try to free up time for fun things for yourself. Think of rest and abdominal breathing. The quieter and more stable you feel the more relaxed your son will be. From experience I know that a pink quartz gemstone near the bed of your son can help to feel safer at night. (of course, put out of his reach!). You can also explain this to him again. He understands more than you think! In short, nice talk, explain and involve him in what you do. I hope you can do something with this!

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