Paco Ŝako black / white chess - The old chess game with a positive dance pass

During the presentation of the Toy of the Year, I happened to meet with the designer of this wonderful game. With his mother they were sitting comfortably at our table. Never before had I read or seen anything about this particular board game. He showed me artistic photos (I like beautiful pictures) of this special chess game. Discussed here in the black and white version, but there are also copies that are very colored, probably special editionversions, but I'm not sure about that.

Chess is for everyone

Chess is for young and old. As a little girl my father taught me chess. Or maybe even my grandfather did, I can not remember that very well. Well I know very well that I used to play a lot with my father this game, cozy on the Sunday afternoon. Rocco also learned to play at a young age. He has followed extra chess lessons at primary school. He was perhaps 8 or 9 years old. Maybe not even yet.

In harmony

Felix Albers has renewed the old and familiar chess game with Paco Ŝako, giving it a nice positive twist. Or should I say: 'positive dance pass'. He wanted to give his son a more peaceful version. And I can say that he has definitely succeeded. The renewed chess game does not only look amazingly beautiful, the intention has also changed. Do not throw any other chess pieces from the board, no, in the version of Paco Ŝako, you dance together over the board and it's about who can dance with the king first. No conflict with each other, but rather searching for harmony, underlining friendship, peace and cooperation. You do not save each other's pieces, but you embrace each other so that you dance on the board together. It's takes two to tango. "

Give each other a little dancing harmony

With this game you bring harmony in and give the game a positive boost. How beautiful to give this to our children, but just as well to ourselves. We are not going to beat each other with this game, but we are looking for the warmth and security of each other and in this way we make a commitment so that we can dance through life together. That is a completely different message than 'we have to overpower each other, in fact: we have to fade each other off the board.'

Not at the expense of pleasure

Perhaps you now think: 'Well, that philosophy, but is not it a very boring game then?' Nope. Absolutely not. The game element is still there, in the end it's all about being the first to be allowed to dance with the king and that involves a good dose of strategic thinking. That does not differ so much from the 'normal chess game'. However, Paco Ŝako is a lot more positive, but that does not detract from the fun and the challenge. Perhaps that is why it is so cleverly conceived.

Beautifully executed

The pieces are beautifully executed and fit exactly like yin yang and if you look at the pieces from below, you will also see these symbols coming back. The balance, the harmony, is not only felt in the game, but also in the game pieces.

It is surprising that this game did not come out as the winner at the Toy of the Year election. More information about the Paco Ŝako game can be found on the website Suitable for children from 7 years.

Specifications Paco Ŝako black / white chess

NamePaco Ŝako black / white chess
BrandPaco Ŝako
price43.95 euros

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