Beautiful mama - The working of the hair mask

After washing my hair I always use a conditioner. I do this because I have long hair and want to avoid tangles as much as possible during combing. However, a conditioner is not the only treatment I give my hair. Because I paint it regularly, say: very often, I also treat my hair regularly with a hair mask.

It may seem redundant, but a hair mask is just a tad different. You just do not have to use both at the same time, because that is double up.

A hair mask does more

Because a hair mask contains less water, it is usually thicker than a conditioner. You can imagine that all good substances, also more concentrated present. After all, they are less diluted by water. In a hair mask are often also some more nutrients that your hair nourish, protect and strengthen. Of course this depends on the brand and the ingredients. I myself notice that my hair always seems to get a bit more body and volume from a hair mask. More than my conditioner.

A hair mask, like a conditioner, brings a layer over your hair. Say a kind of coating, so that your hair is smooth and shine. This layer also protects your hair against wear and damage from the outside, such as the hair dryer, sun or hair straightener. You do not have to use both products simultaneously. You use either a conditioner or a hair mask.

Pamper extra

If you dye your hair regularly, curl, blow dry or with a hair straightener chased all curls, then you can use some extra nutrition. If you want to keep your hair as beautiful as possible, such a mask is not an unnecessary luxury.

How often?

You can choose to use a hair mask after every wash, but that is not necessarily necessary. It is a bit on your hair and what you do with it, but 2x per month you can treat her even more with a hair mask. In the summer, if you are also attacked by the sun (and chlorinated water), it is even recommended every week.

Boost extra

Did you suffer a lot of damage? Then it does not hurt to give your hair a big boost with a booster cure. You can then use a hair mask 2x per week and repeat this for three weeks.

How do you use a hair mask?

Wash your hair as you always do. After washing you dry your towel.
Apply the hair mask to your hair and spread well over the length and the points. Do not put it on the onset of your hair.
Wrap your hair in a warm (hand) cloth and let it soak 5 minutes. The steam from the towel ensures that the mask can get even better in the hair.
Rinse your hair.

What is the difference between a hair mask and conditioner?

If you put the two products next to each other, you actually see it immediately. A conditioner is (often) a lot thinner. A hair mask is somewhat thicker and creamier. This is mainly due to a lower percentage of water. Another difference is the contact time. Conditioners can usually be rinsed immediately and a hair mask lets you withdraw a little longer. However, both products apply a coating over the hair to protect the hair.

DIY - Make your own hair mask

You can of course buy a hair mask ready-made in the store, but of course you can also make one yourself. What do you need for:

1 ripe avocado
3 tsp olive oil
125 ml of coconut milk
1 tsp honey
1 egg
half banana

Puree (or prak) the avocado into a smooth mixture and add the remaining ingredients. Mix everything well together, to a nice smooth mass.
Warm up the mixture a little.
Wash the hair with a mild shampoo and then spread the mask over the wet hair.
Leave for about 30 minutes and then rinse well with lukewarm water.
Dry your hair carefully.


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