Glam Goo Confetti pack

Some of the world is infected with the 'mucus virus'. If you watch Youtube you can not overlook the many mucus films. Fluffie mucus, translucent mucus, mucus with glitters, Unicorn poo mucus, Galaxy mucus, well where is actually not made mucus.
MGA Entertainment (known from the L.O.L. Surprise balls, among other things) is catching on with fun, trendy slime packages, of which the Glam Goo Confetti pack is one of them.

In the package

In the package you will find: a tray of mucus, glitters, a nice scent (peach), cheerfully colored confetti balls to decorate the mucus and two fun accessories. The advantage of this package: the mucus always works! It is delivered ready-made and you only have to knit it a little bit. Nothing so search for the right glue or eyeglass.

Nice accessories

In addition to the necessary ingredients you will also find two nice accessories in the suit to carry the mucus with you. First a super cute bunny (keychain) and a bracelet in the shape of a bow. That way you always have mucus within reach.

To work

Of course I could not leave this suit closed for long, because I was also curious about the content! So I went to work - with great pleasure!

My experience

The steps to take are actually completely self-explanatory. The mucus (type: velvet glue) should be kneaded well before you use it, so that it is no longer sticky. But this is only fun to do, because the mucus feels wonderfully soft between your fingers. Then it is a matter of mixing ingredients and of course you determine the combination yourself.

Almost completely

The set is almost complete, the only thing missing in the package is a part to make the bunny a real keychain. So you have a plastic bunny that you can fill, with an eye at the top to hang it somewhere, but a chain with a ring to actually make it a keychain, I could not find in the package. Personally, I think that is a bit of a shame, because now it is not really complete. For the rest it is just a very nice package!

Watch the video

Of course we also made a short video of it, how you can get started with this mucus. We show the process step by step. Do you like the movie? Then press the blue thumb!

Specifications Glam Goo Confetti pack

TitleGlam Goo Confetti pack
BrandMGA Entertainment
price16.99 euros

Video: GLAM GOO FLUFFY SLIME CONFETTI PACK - MAKE & FUN PLAY. Little Kelly & Friends ToysReview for Kids

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