The restaurant is open # blog1

On a Monday afternoon I open my private mailbox during my work. I am called by the * ploengj * of my phone. I can not resist the curiosity about this message. Thumbs that my employer is not reading this. I give in to this curiosity outside my break times.

Brief summary

A brief summary of the text. Because I can imagine that you are also on the edge of your chair to find out what was in the e-mail.
Actually we are no longer looking for new bloggers, but I find the approach of your texts very interesting and also your way of writing really appeals to me. Hmmm ... I find out that it is not a summary, but the entire text. Which subject I am going to take care of, I leave that in the middle. To build up the tension so that you keep reading.


I will introduce myself just as well. My name is Anita Schokker. If you call me and you come in then a cat comes to you and you see a woman of 60 years. O wait, you rang the doorbell at the neighbors. A door down you will find me. Welcome to our cottage on the Veluwe. "Take a seat on the purple chair at the dining table. Please have a cup of tea. And take a look in the kitchen of our lives. "


"Help!", I call out. I run to the pan with the green beans to pull it aside, but it is already too late. The water has already been bubbled under the lid and is now triumphantly laughing at me like a pool of water next to the pan. My husband comes to take a look with the garden sprinkler in his hand. And he too can not conceal the laugh on his face. It is time again, this mom has better qualities than cooking. At the same time I am glad that I dare to cook again. There has been a long time that I did not dare to be in the back with boiling water. Because I have epilepsy. Boiling water and epilepsy is not always a great combination.

Which dessert?

"Mom! What dessert do we have tonight ?, asks our in-between-smurfette of 4 years. "Sweetheart, do not worry, there will be a real dessert after dinner. First let me finish the evening meal. ", I tell her. Meanwhile, our little boys are smurf of 1 year old on my legs. I look down and see a load of sand around his face. So he also has that mum will not create a culinary masterpiece tonight.

At the table!

We can sit at the table. For me, I see a beak warping. Our oldest six-year smurfette swallows her green bean with difficulty. "They are a bit hard. But you have done your best, Mom, "I hear.

Creamy yogurt

The creamy yogurt from a suit I have excellently in a bowl to know and I see that everyone is proud of my dessert gift arts. The plates are placed on the counter and I walk out with the food remains in the pan. Behind me I hear that a sprint is being used. I put the pan on the ground and our omnivorous labrador enjoys a delicious meal. I'm sure she would give me a dogs Michelin star if she existed.

Cup of tea

"Did you enjoy your cup of tea?" You have been able to enjoy my family life for a few hours. I will take you into the stories about our family in combination with my diagnosis of epilepsy. It has an impact on our family. Both sad and happy moments. Cozy if you also sit down once during our dinner. Welcome!

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