Play together - Preschool game

Playing is good for the development of your toddler, but playing is not only educational, it is mainly fun! Your toddler can only play, but of course with other toddlers or with you! There are plenty of fun games to think of which he likes to play with you. Playful learning, the ideal formula! And do not forget, that your toddler repetition will be fantastic. Especially that one favorite games can not be played him often enough ...!

Playing together - Game tips

No idea what games you can do with your toddler? No problem, it does not have to be complicated, on the contrary. The simpler, the nicer it is often. And does he like it? Then he will repeat it often!

Playing must come from your child, forcing is not useful because playing should be fun. Playing together with your child can deepen the bond between him and you. Motion games are also good for his motor skills. In short: It's playing time! And from half a year, you can expand the games. The inborn curiosity of your toddler ensures that he will respond positively to all kinds of attention he receives. Life is still one big discovery for him, in the simplest way!

Music and movement

Your toddler loves to move to music. There are lots of fun nursery rhymes that invite you to make all kinds of movements, but dancing freely to the music of a CD or radio is of course also great.

Hide and peekaboo

You can start very small with a cloth over his head and then just as if you were looking for him. Cuddling just as you 'found' him makes it complete. As your toddler grows older, you can expand this by going a little further away. Behind the couch, curtain still in the room but not completely visible so that he really has to search, to actually leave the room, so he really needs to find a place to find you.
Do not let your child search for you for too long. About ten or at most fifteen minutes is absolutely more than enough.

Daily stuff

The daily things, which have no value at all for you, can be a great discovery for him. Helping you with your daily activities for example, opening pots, cleaning cloth (your child loves to help you), hanging, a roll of toilet paper (with or without paper, which depends on the junk that you find desirable), empty (plastic) bottles, cushions, mirror, in short, the possibilities are endless.


Of course you can give your toddler 'ready-made toys', there is nothing wrong with that, usually this fits perfectly with the experience of your toddler, but give him less obvious play material. Water, sand, clay, paper, paint, a cardboard box, plastic household bins, jars, toilet rolls, blocks, empty bottles, cushions, a flashlight, a washing-up brush or its shadow.

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