Development of baby in month 4

Your child keeps growing and maybe his cradle has become too small. He will no longer be able to cope with the smallest clothes. If your child is going to sleep in a crib for the first time, pay attention to safety.

The discovery of the hands

Your child has now completely discovered that he has hands! The nicest toy he can think of. He grabs his hands and maybe he will try to grab something from toys. Once he has something to grab, he will also put it right in his mouth. This is the most sensitive area of ​​his body. Therefore look out what he can get in his hands. From four months onwards, most babies can see good depth. Your child can now laugh out loud and grab a swinging object.

Conscious movement and facial expressions

Grabbing is now a conscious movement and no reflex anymore. He stretches out his arms when you put him in the bath and hits the water with his hands. He will try to pick up objects that are in his neighborhood.
Your child is learning about expressing his emotions. He has here copied your facial expressions. He also starts using his lips to make sounds. The babbling is starting to look more and more like talking. He laughs aloud when he finds something funny and will make sounds to attract your attention. The elated facial expressions betray when he has fun.

Less sleep, another vaccination and ... maybe a test snack?

Your child sleeps two or three times during the day and can stay alert for up to an hour. If you sing softly to him, he will relax and he will laugh when you tickle him. He has to go back to the clinic for his third series of vaccinations. This is the last one for the time being. Maybe your child is already ready for his first taste of a bit of fruit or something

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