Popin 'Cookin Sushi Candy

In the Popin 'cookin' series we have already made the donuts, ice creams and the edible mucus. We can not get enough of it, so today I went to work with this package to make sushi. Only this sushi does not taste like fish, but it becomes honest sweet sweets.

I bought the package for 5.95 at www.mostcutest.nl where many more types of packages are for sale. With this package I have been busy for about an hour.

What is it?

Kracie Popin 'Cooking' comes from Japan and its miniature DIY candy-making sets. This sushi candy kit is in the taste bubblegum. Popin Cooking contains no preservatives and no artificial colors.

The nicest

So far I think this is the best package because there is so much to do. There also happens everything. First the rice. When you mix the powder and the water, a kind of rice structure seems to arise. It is airy and a kind of grainy and it tastes like bubblegum. Really really crazy stuff. But what do you think of the caviar! Really so nice! You make two mixtures for this and you drop them together. And look, there appear those funny balls, which also 'pop' in your mouth! Great to experience!


And then the yellow and red mixture, the 'egg' and the 'tuna'. You mix the powders with the water and it automatically becomes a bit jelly-like, so that they make nice slices. Because of the figurines in the bowl, it really looks like egg and tuna.

In the suit

In the suit you will find a plastic bowl with scoop, pipette, 5 different powder bags and a kind of black toffee. Note, because on the bag where everything is packed, the example of the sushi format is also shown. Pay attention with open cutting.

Extra requirements

Besides a little bit of water, you do not need anything else.

And now: Getting started!

What is the taste

The rice of the sushi tastes like bubblegum and feels really crazy in your mouth. It is light and fluffy and it tastes great. The slices of egg and tuna have the flavor of green aloe that drink. I can not describe it in any other way. The orange caviar balls are sweet, but I could not find a specific taste in them. They are very funny because they really pop in your mouth.

The black toffee has a sweet / sour taste. This package is fun and tasty!

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