Bizzy Bubs

The Little Live Pets brand comes with very sweet, cute babies. There are several babies for sale. Today we discuss the Little Live Bizzy Bubs Running Baby Polittle Petals Series 1. Listening to the name Fleur. A whole mouth full, for such a little girl. All babies do or can do something else. The one creeps the other wobbles but they all drink their bottle empty. And then they leave a modest peasant. All babies in this series are crackling with energy and have their own character. Nice to save them and play with each other!


The sounds that Fleur makes remind me a bit of the Ferby from years ago. He also made those clanging noises when he drank and could leave a big farmer afterwards. This princess, however, is a lot less hairy than the Ferby. You start the hairdressers of this little princess by pressing the yellow butterfly on her diaper.

All a unique action

All babies from this series perform their own unique action. This baby dances her diaper dance for you. So cute! It can also be walking, that is not so clear to me. Let's keep it wobbling around. In her own cute way.


If you press the yellow butterfly three times quickly, she giggles very loudly. You would almost get the lame laugh. If you press one more time, she laughs even harder. Super cute. Everything giggles along with this little baby bodice.

In the package

In addition to this little princess with her purple hair, you will find a pacifier and a drinking bottle in the packaging. If you put the bottle in her mouth and she is on, she makes sweet drinking sounds and eventually leaves a peasant.

I'm Fleur

We have Fleur and Fleur is as beautiful as a rose and as cute as a baby butterfly. This shy girl with beautiful grand ideas wants to save the world, tree by tree.

Specifications Little Live Bizzy Bubs Running Baby Polittle Petals Series 1

TitleLittle Live Bizzy Bubs Running Baby Polittle Petals Series 1
BrandLittle Live Pets
price19.99 euros

Video: Bizzy Bubs - How To Play

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