Atmosphere: A painting on your wall

Atmosfeertje has a nice tip for the baby room! A beautiful personal painting on the wall!

Of course there is all kinds of wallpaper for sale for the baby room. Colorful, serene, with cartoon characters or with animals, you can not think of it so crazy. But have you ever thought about a unique mural in the nursery? Exactly how you envision it! Maybe a beautiful Greek view to dream away while breastfeeding or something exciting; what do you think of a beautiful fairy in the forest, surrounded by elves and cute animals? Everything is possible…

Not everyone is equally handy and there are few who can really draw or paint. But for those too it is possible to get a mural in the baby or nursery. There are several companies that are involved in this and Rob van der Lei from Atelier Atmosfeertje is one of them.

Rob van der Lei is completely absorbed in his passion: drawing, airbrushing and painting! He has plenty of creative ideas and thus you really get a unique painting on your wall. He now has beautiful wall paintings to his name.

In this mural the aunt of the child plays the role of good fairy. She conjures the magic out of her magic wand and 'watches over' her niece ... Her niece (8 months) begins to recognize her aunt, which makes it extra special.


Of course everything is possible and Rob can also advise you on this. Of course you can depict fantasy figures on the wall (s), but a sight of a familiar person (mom, dad, brother, sister or other family member) can also be very special. Children will soon recognize the faces and that makes it doubly special.


The rates for a mural start at 500 euros (19% VAT and 0.25 euros compensation), depending on the amount of details.
However, a budget package of 100 euros is also possible. In that case Rob van der Lei will come 2 hours to draw the main lines of the mural on the wall and explain how you can finish the mural yourself. If you still want some extra help afterwards, then he charges 40 euros per hour.
Do you want to know exactly? Then it is best to contact Atelier Atmosfeertje for a free quote. You can describe your ideas for the bare wall and on that basis a quotation will be made, completely customized.

Willy Woef

Does the name Rob van der Lei appear familiar? That is possible. He is the illustrator of the series of reading stories from Willy Woef; a series of fun reading stories with recognizable subjects for toddlers and preschoolers, which are especially written for

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Atelier Atmosfeertje is located in Dordrecht.

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