Time moves only one way to # blog4

While watching a TV series, I heard the text that I use here as a title. The sentence intrigues me and makes me think. I quickly pick up my mobile and set up an e-mail to send to myself. So I would not forget him.

Blog material hooked up

Now that you're reading this I can tell you something useful. I tell you my secret how my blogs are created, so that the time that moves only one way is useful. It actually works in all directions. In the beginning it was mainly to express my sadness and therefore through events. Now I make a mix of it. Sometimes I see a nice picture and I take a picture of it and think: "Oh I can make up a nice story about it." In this case I hear a strong sentence and I think again: "Oh I can still a nice story around it. "Then I hear my husband on the couch shout:" Oh she has blogged again blogging material. "If you focus on writing, then you see a story anywhere in a given moment. That's how I think that works with photographers, who can shoot a nice picture everywhere. Or hairdressers who see someone walking in a store and then think: "Ooh, I can transform your hair into a beautiful hairstyle. It is just what you are doing in life. And that's how I write 225 words (I cheat at the bottom left of the word counter) about one inspiring sentence. I expand and make a whole epistle. Hoping that I can give it a nice twist so that the message lingers.


At the moment I am sitting on the couch on a Thursday morning at 9:53 am (I see in the lower right corner of the picture of my laptop) and I have been put down by the flu. As an old lady, I sit under a colored dress, the paracetamol seems to do a bit of work for which he has been accepted and I look at my tea glass where no tea can be found anymore. I am already looking forward to stepping out of my hot cocoon to get tea. In the last month and a half, 3 different flu people have caught me. And I want to find a cause for that. Is there a relationship between the medication and my reduced resistance? Does it have to do with my weight? Or is it because of the many train journeys where I took all kinds of things?

To the doctor

I have stepped over my pride and made an appointment for tomorrow with the GP. Take care of yourself. The interaction between your health and your psyche is great.

Tomorrow we will look at the causes. To then focus on the future and to think in solutions. Because: "Time moves only one way".

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