Teeth grinding or Bruxism

Your toddler is sleeping wonderfully and suddenly you hear a sound coming from his mouth, which goes through marrow and leg! Teeth grinding, or bruxism, as it is also called! You startled, because you can see the enamel fly away from his teeth. If that goes well ... But is grinding your teeth really risky? According to the expert not and teeth grinding is very normal and innocent at this age. No worries about his beautiful white teeth. About one in five children do this sometimes in his sleep. Often it disappears automatically, as children grow older. With older children and adults, it can be bad, but you do not have to worry about the teeth of your toddler.
The cause of teeth grinding is not known. It is known that it occurs mainly in light sleep. It is normal for people to make movements with their jaw during light sleep. These movements are more intense with teeth grinding.


In adults, this can occur especially during periods of stress or stress. Even children who have less self-confidence can have some more problems. Children with sleep problems (OSAS) may also suffer more from grinding with the teeth. Children with OSAS often hold their lower jaw forward to prevent the pharynx from coinciding. Precisely because of this attitude, they are more likely to grind their teeth.

What happens during teeth grinding?

During sleep, the teeth slide and cross over each other, which makes a grinding noise. They themselves are not bothered by it and just continue to sleep. Sometimes they can wake up themselves because they hear a penetrating sound.
Children who have cracked a lot with their teeth may experience some muscle pain in the jaws in the morning. This usually pulls away automatically in the course of the day. They can also suffer from headaches or pain around the ear in the morning.
Did you know that children and adults who do this often have well-developed jaw muscles? This can even be visible in the face.


You can not avoid it completely, but you can make sure your child goes to his bed as relaxed as possible. For example, you can sleep in a nice warm bath, read a nice massage, read a nice (no exciting) story or sing a song with him. If your child is linked to an expression of stress, try to find the cause and resolve it.


Are you worried about his teeth? Then make an appointment with the dentist. He can see if the teeth are damaged. The dentist can even make a tooth to prevent the teeth grinding. The grinding is not solved with this, but the teeth are no longer damaged.

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