Miffy slider book Who lives here?

I would almost say: 'Miffy, who has not grown big?' In the fifties, a book by miffy was published for the first time, based on the story that Dick Bruna told his one-year-old son about a rabbit that they had seen in the dunes of Egmond aan Zee earlier that day. From that bunny, Miffy was born, now more than 60 years ago. Dick Bruna unfortunately passed away last year (February 16), but after all those years Miffy still lives and still has a lot of small children. New booklets still remain, such as this booklet: Who lives here.

Who lives here

In 'Who lives here' you can discover who lives where. And not just, but in a very special way. It is a slide book and by sliding the page, you will find out who lives in the house. Or on the ice. Or in the egg, or ...
The booklet is firmly executed so that small children can do it themselves. Of course very exciting! Or maybe your child can guess it before he starts sliding the page? Nice to discover together with your child.

Nice addition

Like all Miffy books, this booklet is also available in basic colors and black lines and no capital letters have been used. The booklet is beautiful and sturdy! It is a nice addition to the already published miffy booklets. Absolutely recommended. Exciting and educational. The booklet will undoubtedly often be taken by your child to go on a discovery trip.

Specifications Who lives here?

TitleWho lives here?
PublishingPublisher Mercis Publishing
AuthorDick Bruna
IllustratorDick Bruna
Number of pages10
price8.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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