Baking with Jill

This is absolutely not Jill's first book that we are dealing with here, but it is the first cookbook of her! I love her way of drawing and it always looks so accessible in her books, that I am immediately curious if this also applies to her sweet baking!

Typical Jill-touch

The book looks cheerful at least and I do not only mean the cover, but also when I browse the book I see the cheerful, colored, typical Jill-touch. At the beginning of the book you will find basic information about what you need for example to bake a cake. Which kitchen utensils should not be missing? And that also applies to the decorations. What can you use?

Basic recipes

If you have gone through all the basic information and have taken all the ingredients into your home, it is time for the basic recipes. How do you make an airy butter cream? Or a simple glaze? Always handy to know how to do this! And if you've looked at all that, or even tried it out, it's the 'real work''s turn! Bake nice cookies! Even more fun chocolates on a stick! Or much more fun, an incredibly beautiful cake! Actually I can not choose and I want to start everywhere at the same time. I will soon be organizing a high tea, nice to bake some dishes from this book!

Whether or not you are a kitchen princess, it does not matter. The baking in this book is low-threshold and the most important thing is that you enjoy baking! I'm excited!

Specifications Baking with Jill

TitleBaking with Jill
PublishingCharacter Publishers
AuthorJill Schirnhofer
IllustratorJill Schirnhofer
Number of pages128
price17.99 euros


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