A bracket: who will pay that?

When your child needs a brace, you may immediately see a worrying cost for you. A bracket is expensive, but often also necessary. But is there really reason for panic? What does a bracket actually cost and how can you ensure that a bracket remains affordable?

Type of bracket

How much money you will eventually spend on the braces of your child depends on the type of braces that he / she must wear. The braces you need are determined by the position of the teeth at the moment you start the treatment. You can ask the orthodontist himself to make an estimate of the price for the braces and associated treatments. On average the costs will be between € 2000, - and € 3000, -. That is not a small amount. And in most cases the costs are not covered by the basic insurance. Only in exceptional cases, for example in the case of a cleft lip, is this the case. So you have to look at the matching additional health insurances of health insurers. Or you choose to pay for the costs yourself.

Before or after the eighteenth birthday?

From the beginning you should already think about a good health insurance for your child. A child is namely insured with his parents free of charge until the age of eighteen. The supplementary insurance that you have taken out therefore also applies to your children. So first look at what you may already have taken out as additional insurance. Read in the conditions what is specifically reimbursed for orthodontics. If this is nothing or little, it may be wise to look at another health insurer. Different rules apply to children from the age of 18. Your child will then no longer be co-insured free of charge and must therefore pay a health insurance premium on another health insurance policy. In addition, there are fewer insurers that reimburse orthodontics from the age of 18. And if they already pay for something, this amount is often lower than that for children up to the age of 18. For this reason it may be advisable, if necessary, to think about a brace before the eighteenth birthday of your child and to start the process.

Cheapest health insurance

In your search for another insurer you probably want to find the cheapest health insurance. In this case, however, cheap can become expensive. Always pay attention to the ratio between the extra premium you are going to pay, in relation to the amount that you actually receive reimbursement. There are considerable differences between insurers and how generous they are with their fees.
Some insurers only reimburse up to 75% and others do the full 100%. You should also include this in your considerations. It is therefore wise to delve into this well before your child starts treatment with the orthodontist.

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