Children, parents and playmobil # blog14

Think of the past. The time when you were the best dragon slayer in the world and you had an army of trolls guarding your castle. Or when you were the queen of a beautiful country full of unicorns and rainbows.
The world was infinite, beautiful, and on the wings of your imagination you flew into a world that is called fantasy. And all thanks to Playmobil.


We all know it, it has been around for decades and secretly we all play with it. Playmobil stimulates everyone's imagination for generations.

Together with the castles, caravans, playhouses and holiday resorts hundreds of different dolls, guns, pans and other accessories are sold. But, how do we keep it all together?

Clean up your cowboy!

It starts in the toy store. After your child has maneuvered through the store like a madly fed bull, his eye falls on that one box. A wild west scene with cowboy's, horses and 1500 accessories. Fun!
Once at home you do not have a child with them, until you end up in intensive care later, because you make a splint thanks to a cowboy, and you can just turn your head away for a wigwam. This requires order in the chaos.

All firearms and knives in one place in the nursery

Besides the fact that you are not waiting for Toy Story scenes, it is also a shame if half of the set is missing after a week. So it is wise to think of a central place for all those dolls, with their weapons and cooking pans.

A beaded or jewelery cabinet is ideally suited to store all those accessories. The blades at the blades, the helmets at the helmets, etc.
The dolls can be nicely displayed together with the castle or playhouse on the cupboard in the nursery, as if they are ready to take action.
On dark and cold days it is nice to create cardboard backgrounds to increase the dimension of a theme. Create a play corner! And for each theme a background. Capturing crooks in the wild west is much more fun with a view of the Grand Canyon, and does not a spaceship come out better in space?

Play and learn

I personally love to see how my child can drown in his imagination and let his creativity run wild. It is good for development and beyond that, there are still enough years to be spent in the big, evil world of people. Playmobil is timeless and will undoubtedly provide many generations with pleasure. Enjoy it!

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