The quiz about science and inventions

Rocco has always been eager to learn. Still actually. That does not mean that he likes school, because he has to learn things that he just does not find interesting. There are, however, themes that he finds very interesting. He knows a lot of these themes. In addition to Star Wars and Pokémon, for example, he knows a lot about space. But also about the earth and the origin of life. You can find these kinds of questions in this quiz! Together with questions about the human body, great inventions and everyday phenomena.

What's in the box?

In the box you will find a booklet with lots of facts and 100 quiz cards about 7 different themes. I already mentioned these themes in the intro. Each of them interesting themes. That makes such a quiz even more fun. Because it is of course quite nice to know a good answer every now and then or to learn new interesting things.

How does it work?

There are 100 quiz cards in the box. All these cards have a number. This number corresponds to a page in the booklet. In the booklet you will find an extensive answer to the question with explanation. Besides the answers, this booklet also gives a lot of extra facts! Very nice for everyone who is eager to learn and the game is not tied to age. This is a more than fun game to do with the whole family (children from 8 years). Do I say whole family? I mean, of course, with the whole family. Do I say whole family? I mean of course ... Oh no, you can only play with up to 5 players at once.

You will also find the rules in the booklet. The game can be played with 2 to 5 players, aged 8 to 88.

Example of the questions

Specifications The quiz about science and inventions

TitleThe quiz about science and inventions
PublishingTrichis Publishing
price14.99 euros

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