Why do not I feel that the earth is turning?

A book full of interesting facts! Rocco always liked these kinds of books and I read a lot of them. It is amazing how much information it contains. He found these kinds of books much more fun to read out of, than for example fairy tales or Jip and Janneke. And to be honest, I did not think it was a punishment to read it out of these kinds of books. I also raised a lot of it myself.


And interesting and instructive, that's this book! It is full of questions that you think: 'Yes, what is that?' and I'm sure you will find the answer interesting. And not only you, your son or daughter too. Children are naturally very curious and eager to learn and the questions in this book fit in well with their world of experience.

What kind of questions are they?

Consider, for example, questions such as: What can my tongue tell me? Is my hair strong enough to climb? Why do sirens sound so strange when they pass by? What do sound waves look like? What is a supersonic bang? Can I live on Mars? Well and there are dozens of other questions. The content is not specialized and does not go very deep, but mainly focuses on a first answer to the question asked.

A delicious book to read from or to regularly pick up to read something yourself. Fun and educational!

Specifications Why do not I feel that the earth is turning?

TitleWhy do not I feel that the earth is turning?
PublishingLemniscaat BV
AuthorJames Doyle
IllustratorClaire Goble
Number of pages95
price14.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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