Playing clean up

Playing is fun, but if it is up to your child, your house will turn into a kind of nuclear explosion with the amount of toys from at least one toy store. Well, it seems so at least. Everywhere you find something and if you want to walk from one side to the other side of the room, it becomes a kind of combination between hurdles and hopping-step-jump.

Clean up regularly

If you want to keep the living room a bit cozy, you will have to clean up regularly. In the context of 'young learned, old is done' it is useful to teach your child this as little as possible. If he is still very pecky, you may not have that much benefit from it, but that will come when he is a few years older. By the way, cleaning up also contributes to his development! During the cleaning up, all kinds of skills are discussed. That is not a win / win situation, but a win / win / win / w ...

Keep it fun!

The chance that your child will really make a valuable contribution at a young age to creating order in the chaos is of course not that big. Yet it is important that you compliment him during his attempt. He feels that this is seen and heard and that is good for his self-confidence. And that the block is not thrown in the right box, that is only a small extra.

Make it a party!

Singing clean up is, of course, a lot more fun than grumbling the stuff together. That's why I wrote 'The Cleanup Song' together with KSK productions. A simple nursery rhyme that quickly sings along and that can be used for everything you encounter. Cubes, dolls, cars, pencils, cards and everything else in your living room (and what does not belong).
And singing together - and naming the objects - is also good for his language development!

Motor progress

Bending, grabbing, crawling, walking, bending, grabbing ... you should not call it a movement. It seems like top sport! All these movements are of course perfect for his motor development!

It almost seems like a game

If you make it cozy and fun with each other, it almost looks like playing or a game. And why would not you like it? Cleaning up is part of it, so it can be better but fun! You can also stimulate that a bit by asking questions like: 'Who knows where this block belongs?' And, of course, compliment your child extensively if he's okay and knows how to throw it in the right bin.

Not just toys

If he has mastered the toys, then the next step might be the dishwasher? Or the laundry basket? Or… ?!

Video: How To Clean Up Sloppy Guitar Playing

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