Development of baby in month 9

Your child can suddenly become a bit lonely (if he is not already). He realizes that he is a creature in itself, independent of his mother. He thinks it is a scary idea of ​​his mother to be separated. It will take a while before your child can realize that you will return to him after a period of absence. The period of reckoning usually lasts up to one year.

Little creep

Your child may have a bit of a crawl ahead, but for the real crawling it is still a bit too early. Perhaps your child is already able to move from a sitting position to a standing posture. Or clapping his hands and waving day.

With lifted head

He can now sit loosely with his head upside down. But he still has to concentrate to keep his balance. If your child can sit well, you can take him with him on a bike. He will love it. Of course you need a special children's bicycle seat for this. Do not be surprised if your child is sleeping asleep.

Flat feet

Your child still has flat feet at this age. That is because he does not walk much and because of this his foot muscles have not yet been developed to form a foot arch. There are also fat cushions on the place of the curvature. In most children, the flat feet will disappear in the course of the first six years of life. By the time the growth is complete, the foot arches will be completely formed. Only with a small percentage the feet remain flat.


Maybe your child says 'mum' or 'daddy' for the first time in this period ...

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