A sweet new boyfriend: Little live pets ladybug

Nowadays everything can be collected. Since last month there is something added, namely these cute ladybugs. Fortunately, the collection is easy to oversee. There are 12 different ladybugs for sale with inviting names such as: "Sweetheart", "Snowflake", "Little Angel" or "Dizzy Daisy". Only the names are already going to melt. In addition to this collection of cheerful animals, there are also expansion sets for sale, such as this play set.

Collecting tired or just no sense in a new collection? One cute ladybug is also fun to play with!

What's in the suit?

In the suit is your new girlfriend with her baby. They are for sale in different colors. You simply clip the baby ladybug to her mom and in this way she keeps chasing mum everywhere.
The set comes with the battery and an instruction booklet. So you can get started right away. Do you have multiple packages? Then you can also hang more babies behind mum. If I have read it correctly, Mommy can draw a maximum of three babies.

Price and availability

Since last month the ladybugs are for sale in the toy store. However, I have looked at Bol and I could not find them yet. Well the play set but not the animals themselves.
Selling list price: 7.99 euros

For what age?

The cheerful ladybugs of 'Little Live Pets' are suitable for children from 5 years.

Little live pets

These ladybugs are not the only thing that comes with Little Live pets. Recently we also discussed Bizzy bubs.

Specifications Little Live Pets - Ladybug - Playset

TitleLittle Live Pets - Ladybug - Playset
BrandLittle Live Pets
price27.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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