Twinkel makes a wish

Twinkel is celebrating her birthday and she wants to give a gigaglitter party for all her friends. A day in advance she is busy decorating the Fairy Valley and baking a huge cake. Fortunately she has help from her friends and at the end of the day it looks great!


Everything seems fine for the big day, until at night a storm rushes across the country and blows away all the party decorations and the cake is wet-washed by a huge shower. The next day the little fairy sees the chaos. Fortunately, all her friends get help and if she can also make a wish at the end, she wishes ...


... yes, of course I will not tell you that. A delicious sweet and pink story for everyone who loves fairies and is obviously crazy about a party, because the theme of 'birthday' is central in this booklet, just like friendship and dealing with disappointments. The illustrations are colorful (especially pink), cute and abundant. Not only the cute ferns can be found in this book, but also the forest animals look beautiful.


Glitters have been used in the cover to make the book look even more festive! By using this glitter, you get some relief, which is tangible when you slide your hand over the cover. From this booklet I immediately feel like baking a cake myself. With whipped cream and pink glaze. Just because it is possible, not even because someone is having a birthday!

Specifications Twinkel makes a wish

TitleTwinkel makes a wish
PublishingPublisher De vier windstreken
AuthorKatharina Holabird
IllustratorSarah Warburton
Number of pages32
price14.95 euros

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