Ravensburger Porsch 911R-3D puzzle

As soon as I have unpacked this puzzle, I immediately hear Leo shout: "Oh, that is for me!" It does not surprise me, because Leo loves puzzling and he loves beautiful cars. Those two come together in this great Porsch puzzle.

The puzzle has 108 pieces. That does not look like much but you build 3D and that is a bit different than with a regular flat puzzle. It requires a lot of patience. The Porsch to be built is a classic and dates from my birth year 1967. He was then made for the racing sport.

Actually, I should just keep it to myself (given the corresponding birth year), but I do not. Leo can build it. I honestly do not have so much patience and if I can make Leo happy with it, I'll be happy.

Numbered puzzle pieces

The puzzle pieces are numbered and made of sturdy plastic. They are individually shaped, partly kinkable and they fit together perfectly. Fortunately, they stay well together and you do not need any glue. The headlights in it is still a thing. Several times they fall through it, but that also turns out to be okay.
Fantastic right? Additional accessories including rotating wheels provide the final touch. It takes a lot of precision to get it all together, but when it finally succeeds, you have a beautiful Porsch. Too bad you can not drive yourself.


This is certainly not the first 3D puzzle from Ravensburger. We have made Big Ben before, but you can also opt for the well-known Volkswagen bus or an American Style sneaker. This car puzzle is suitable from 10 years until ... well, just look at Leo. He is now over 70 and is full of enthusiasm to puzzle. Cool right ?!

Specifications Ravensburger Porsch 911R-3D puzzle

NameRavensburger Porsch 911R-3D puzzle
price22.49 euros
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Video: Porsche 3D puzzel speedbuild

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