The afternoon nap

Of course, there will be a time when your baby will not or hardly needs his afternoon nap, but then he is also a bit older. Until your child is about 15 to 18 months, he still needs several daytime summers. From about 15 months this can be reduced to one afternoon nap. Until that time it is good that he also gets enough sleep during the day. On average, a child needs about 2.5 hours of sleep between his first and second birthday during the day. Of course, this differs per child. Does your child have trouble with this? Then we have some tips!


It may be that your child sleeps during the day - if it is so light - it is difficult. You can prevent this by placing it in his own room and closing the curtains. That way your child will no longer suffer from the light.

Nice and cool

Especially with summer temperatures it is important that you keep the room where your child sleeps as cool as possible. Babies also find it difficult to get to sleep when the environment is too hot. In our blog 'How do you keep the baby room nice and cool?' we give extensive tips on how to take care of this.

take your time

As you probably take the time in the evening to get your child to sleep, that is not a luxury during the day. Take a moment for it. Also for these sleeping arrangements it is nice that a certain routine precedes. Maybe some food, story, lullaby, sleep?

Let's sleep

Does your child sleep? Then let him sleep through until he wakes up. Better adjust to his rhythm. Those messages can also be taken an hour later. As long as it does not disturb his night rhythm, he can best sleep through until he wakes himself up. Sometimes he just needs some extra sleep. An optimal afternoon nap lasts one to three hours. How long this is for your child, he determines. It can also differ from day to day.

When no more afternoon nap?

Between the two and three years it is quite normal that there will be fewer and fewer afternoon napkins. You will notice that more and more sleeping is being skipped. Of course, this is different per child. One child just needs more sleep than the other. Keep looking at your own child, then you will automatically see what is important to him. Over-tired children do not sleep better at night. Gradually finish the sleeping by waking up a little earlier. He can then go to bed a little earlier in the evening, so that he does not get tired. You can also choose to let him sleep one day and not the next day. You will see how this goes.

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