Janneman Robinson & Pooh

On Tuesday, August 7, I was a guest at the special screening with my family Janneman Robinson & Pooh, a Disney movie. Location was Het Ketelhuis on the Westergasfabriek site. Wow, what a beautiful location on this sunny day. Fem and Iza were looking forward to it!

We arrived at exactly 10 am. There were coloring pages, games and candy bags for the kids and I chose a cappuccino myself. Wake up! The film started at 10.30 am, which would last over one and a half hours. Quite a big one for the little ones in the room. The film company told a short introduction, after which the lights were extinguished and the adventure could begin.

Janneman Robinson & Pooh

In Janneman Robinson & Pooh we follow the now grown-up Janneman Robinson. He gets to deal with all kinds of challenges that many adults in the hall will have recognized. Winnie the Pooh and his friends reminded him of the loving boy he once was.

More layers

Janneman Robinson & Pooh has multiple layers, making the film interesting for both adults and children. It is a Live Action adventure with age advice from six years. At the beginning of the film you quickly leaf through the book and see Janneman grow up from little boy to adult man. He says goodbye to his friends, goes to boarding school and goes to work in London after the war. We follow his family, where his daughter clearly wants more attention from her father. But Janneman is busy with his work and all the sores around it. Winnie the Pooh, together with his friends, makes sure that Janneman sees what is really important in life.

Breathlessly looked

The film was beautiful! Disney has brought all characters to life in a special way. Even Iza, who was just four years old, watched almost breathlessly for the entire film. Of course she did not get everything from the story, but that did not matter to her. She experienced the story in her own way. And it became too exciting, then she looked the other way.

High tea

Afterwards we were treated to a real English high tea. What a treat! The children went home with a full belly and a hug from Winnie the Pooh.
Thanks! We had a great morning.

Janneman Robinson & Pooh will be in the cinema from August 9th.


Video: Janneman Robinson & Poeh - Trailer (NL Gesproken) - Disney NL

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