Vlad Vampier does not want blood

It's almost Halloween and that's why a pre-book about vampires is perfectly suited to read these weeks! Scary this book is certainly not. Vlad no longer wants to drink blood or eat meat. Vlad becomes a vegetarian. And that is still a big job. Fortunately, he can count on the help of his mother. She cooks all kinds of tasty vegetarian dishes for him. It tastes delicious but still ... yet he sometimes misses a drink of blood or a bite of meat ...

Do not give up

However, Vlad does not want to give up, no matter how hard he finds it. When one day he goes shopping with his mother, he finds the solution there ... And of course I will not tell you what the solution is.
'Vlad Vampier does not want blood' is a story about perseverance and does not want to give up, no matter how difficult it sometimes is. It shows that if you really want something, it can be done! Even if you are laughed at by others. A nice message.

Tasty recipes

This book is more than a picture book with a beautiful story, good message and funny illustrations. The book is also a vegetarian cookbook! In the back of the book you will find about 15 vegetarian recipes, which your child will love, such as Troll biscuits, Vampire flaps or beet burgers. The funny thing is that some dishes in the story are also mentioned. Who would not want to put his teeth in a beet burger, just like Vlad?

Specifications Vlad Vampier does not want blood

TitleVlad Vampier does not want blood
PublishingThe Unicorn
AuthorReine de Pelseneer
IllustratorRichard Verschraagen
Number of pages31
price12.50 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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