And then Jesse came

You look forward to your child, you have done everything beforehand, even a number of IVF attempts and then you still become spontaneously pregnant. What are you happy and what are you looking forward to seeing your baby. The world seems to be laughing at you.

And then Jesse is born, a month too early. That gives quite some complications and in the first instance is thought that this has to do with his premature birth. Jesse shows maladaptive behavior, has epileptic seizures and reacts strongly to some medications. Eventually, a rare abnormality on the SON gene is observed at Jesse.

How do you deal with it?

Then you know that your child is different from many other children, but knowing that your child is different, you do not yet give the wisdom on how best to deal with it. Monique demands the best for Jesse and fights with her husband until she finds the best care for Jesse. As a mother she knows better than anyone what her child needs. And so she finds out that not everyone can give that to her child.

This story of a warm and involved mother shows what happens when you give the best guidance to a child that is difficult to understand. How he changes and can learn so much more than when there is no focused attention to his problems. A revealing and hopeful book.

Nice initiative

Two euros of each book sold is intended for a body or initiative for children such as Jesse.

Specifications And then Jesse came

TitleAnd then Jesse came
PublishingPublisher Elikser
AuthorMonique Lutgens-Blom
Number of pages371
price24.50 euros

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