And the miracle is you

While the weather is starting to get drizzler, it just gets all the better inside. I love to fill the cosiness with a good book. Let it get wet outside, the groceries are already neat where they belong. A cup of tea, a burning scent candle, soft music and a good book, like this book for example. A melancholic novel that fits beautifully with the dramatic autumn weather?

Impossible love

The book is about an impossible love, inspired by the late painter Aad Donker, who became known in the early nineties as a member of painters collective After Nature. He meets his great love in New York, but what initially seemed 'infinite', turned out not to be. The relationship stopped and Aad Donker put an end to his life ...

Diaries and letters

Eva Posthuma de Boer went to work with his diaries and letters and drew her inspiration for this book from the words that Aad Donker left behind. From his personal drama is 'And the miracle are you' born, a raw record of an impossible love in the setting of a romantic artist's existence.

Caught in the story

I take a sip of tea and read a little further. "Oh, is it all dinner time and you are hungry? Well, just read this chapter for a moment and then ... "
Wonderful to be caught in the story ...

Specifications And the miracle are you

TitleAnd the miracle is you
PublishingAmbo Anthos
AuthorEva Posthuma de Boer
Number of pages293
price20.00 euros

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