Week of vocabulary

A child must know 95 to 98 of the 100 words to understand what is being told. That is why CITO organizes the Week of Vocabulary from 29 October to 2 November.

During Week of the Vocabulary, classes are invited to participate in the Vocabulary Vlog Challenge to win a Meet & Greet with YouTubers Nina Schotpoort and Uberquin. The whole month of October, classes are allowed to decide for themselves what kind of video they upload: singing, rapping, talking or closing, everything is allowed! The vlog must last two minutes, contain five typical words from their town or village and a self-made Dutch word. You can sign up via woordenschatvlog.nl.

The Week of the Vocabulary is supported by the Foundation Reading, teacher, author and researcher Marianne Verhallen and linguist and writer Wim Daniels who gives several tips to get started with increasing the vocabulary of your children.

Tip 1: Talk!

Expanding the words of your children starts by talking in conversation form! So put that iPad aside and enjoy chatting together. By talking to each other you can ask questions and let your child speak more. Research has shown that frequent talk with your child at a younger age ensures a larger vocabulary in later life!

Tip 2: Play!

By playing language games with your children you also work on your vocabulary. Especially the beep is fun and educational. You can easily make the game at home. You choose a word that your children should guess but only give a description of it. You say "beep!" At the place of the word in question! Your children must then guess what the beep is. For example: 'A beep is an animal that neons.' You not only learn to expand your vocabulary, but you also have a pleasant afternoon!

Tip 3: Read!

Maybe a very obvious tip, but read your children regularly from different books. Here you can go into special words in the story read.

Tip 4: Learn!

Buy a language calendar for your children on the toilet! In the cheerful calendars words are explained, but you can also find nice words, language blunders, puzzles and riddles. A tip for young and old.

Tip 5: Cook!

There are dozens of different cooking programs in the Netherlands but the latest cooking trend is: cooking with language! This Wim Daniëls cookbook is full of amusing word finds and word games that are brought in like recipes. You make delicious dishes and at the same time learn how beautiful our language is.

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