Geronimo Stilton The attack of the mammoth

This is part 7 of the series 'Journey through time' and this time the adventure takes place in the ice age. With this series you get to know prehistory in a fun way. Geronimo travels with the time machine of Professor Volt to persecution times. They experience various adventures and unravel many mysteries. Playfully learn history, how nice is that! With of course the well-known interesting facts, an exciting story and the funny Geronimo.

The story?

The Stilton family ends up in prehistoric times. Geronimo is suddenly face to face with a mammoth. Does our fear mouse succeed in driving him away? This flex cover booklet is full of facts about prehistory and is not only fun to read, but also increases the historical knowledge of the young reader!
Suddenly the ground began to tremble, we saw huge animals rushing towards us ... Gi-go-goat's cheese, they were mammoths! Professor Volt's time travel machine had brought us back to the Ice Age! We came face to face with bears, mammoths and saber-toothed tigers. Fortunately, we found a safe place in a primal village!

What do I think?

How can I not like this book? This series is not only great fun but also very instructive! I would say, just go to the store for this new part!

Specifications Geronimo Stilton The attack of the mammoth

TitleGeronimo Stilton The attack of the mammoth
PublishingThe Awake Mouse
AuthorGeronimo Stilton
Number of pages128
price8.95 euros

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