Vision sun cream

Soon the sun is high again in the sky. Nice! That is again enjoying a lot outside. Preferably carefree. The sun is nice, but you have to protect yourself against it. You can not enjoy the sun all day - without protection - with impunity. And neither does your child. Fortunately, there are various remedies for sale so you can protect yourself and your child from burning, but also against the aging of your skin. After all, nobody will be happy about that.

Is it water-resistant?

Not all sun creams do what you would want. Some remedies remain on the skin so that this layer can disappear if, for example, you go swimming. Once out of the water, you are no longer protected. So you have to rub yourself in immediately and that also applies to your child. Even if he comes out of the water, you should rub it up again. This is not always thought of and often children do not feel like it at all. After all, they want to continue with their game. So you better choose a sunscreen that is water resistant.

With color pearls

Vision sunscreen is water resistant but has something extra, namely color pearls. I had not heard this myself before, but it is very useful. If you put the cream on the skin, there are all blue grains. It is the intention that you rub the cream so long that the granules have disappeared. At that moment your baby is well smeared. A very handy tool and for your child getting anointing something magical! This special sunscreen for kids is for sale under the name 'Kids color'.

What does the sun do?

The sun not only has bad radiation, it also does a lot of good things. The UV rays, for example, ensure the production of vitamin D and ensure that you have a healthy tan during the summer. Get rid of the gray, white winter look! However, UV-A can also provide skin aging and UV-B can cause burns. And of course no one is waiting for that. Smear well!

Also for adult skin

Vision not only takes care of the kids, but also for you. The Vision Face fluid is the ideal sun product for your face, with a good balance between UV-A and UV-B filters. With this cream you do not go there as a shiny tomato because the matting formula prevents glimmers and can be used well in combination with cosmetics. So a tip!

Let that summer begin!

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