Boxer interactive robot

Is it possible to fall in love with a robot? Well, forwards, that might be a tad strange and exaggerated, but still. This robot, Boxer, is so terribly funny and mischievous, that my heart started to beat a bit harder from this moving piece of electronics. Especially when he throws his wheels in the air! To melt! But let me start at the beginning.


Meet Boxer. Boxer is a small, interactive robot with a wonderful personality. I speak for myself. Of course. But still I think you will share my opinion about this, once you have become acquainted with this little friend. Thanks to its advanced technology, it can move autonomously, follow the gestures of your hand via IR sensors, but can also be controlled remotely.

Different playing cards

Give Boxer the different playing cards and he will scan them to experience hours of fun with you. From bowling to table tennis and even a game of soccer with his interactive ball: Boxer is always ready for a fun. Just like you, right? The ball is also supplied directly, just like the batteries. Once you have boxer at home, you can start working with him right away.

A robot with emotions

As you play with this cute bone, you get to know his idiosyncratic personality better and better. Happy, sad, grumpy (especially I like it!) And sometimes a little sleepy. Boxer has a lot of emotions and will show you how he feels with real reactions, funny expressions and sounds! Do you want to play another game? Download the free Boxer app to your phone or tablet to discover brand new games.

I'm curious how many new friends this robot is going to get in the coming period! Suitable for children from 5 years.

Boxer specifications

BrandSpider Master
price59.95 euros

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