Little Mole races on

Small mole is hyperdepiep. He likes everything and can therefore only concentrate on one thing at a time. He runs from hot to her and that is why everything changes into chaos. His parents and his teacher are sitting with their hands in their hair. They are almost desperate of it. Something like that never comes from Kleine Mol. Untilโ€ฆ

Be as you are

Until Mol goes into a kind of therapy, although it is not actually a therapy. Mol may just be who he is and he learns that this is okay. And slowly you see that Mol is becoming a bit calmer and can stay longer. Just as long as he can finish something too. And Mol is a bit happy about that. It is also convenient, because he has to make a piece of work for school. Will Mol do this?

Beautiful message

The story gives children a nice message, namely that everyone can be as he is. And that this is also good. That beautiful message makes this a beautiful picture book that gives busy children, for example with ADHD, a heart under their belt!

Special illustrations

The illustrations are special, they are a combination of cardboard and pencil drawings. Nothing neat inside the lines. This combination gives the book a very special look, but this raw way of illustrating also shows the chaos in the head of Kleine Mol in a beautiful way.

Specifications Little Mole races on

TitleLittle Mole races on
PublishingPublisher De Vier Windstreken
AuthorAnna Llenas
IllustratorAnna Llenas
Number of pages56
price15.95 euros

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