Children and car insurance

When I was still pregnant with Rocco, we had a sporty car with an open roof. Big enough for two, but only with two doors and hardly a back seat. How nice the car was. He was too small for three people and therefore unsuitable for family expansion. During my pregnancy, the car was sold and there was a decent family car. One with four doors and a big trunk.
Maybe he looked a little less sporty, but he was handy. I did not have to squeeze in all kinds of turns to get Rocco in his seat. And that enormous trunk turned out to be no luxury during holidays. With a child, every holiday resembles a small migration.

Occupation insurance

Extra passengers in the car. A good time to see if your car insurance covers the things that are important. For example, you can consider a passenger insurance. First of all for your partner, but also for the kids. And how about all those friends who will undoubtedly also be transported by you! Maybe not the first thing you think about as long as your baby has a baby, but that time comes faster than you think. It can be better arranged right away. Because even if you always drive very carefully and correctly, that fellow road user may be slightly more reckless. Then it is nice that the insurance is in any case well organized.
Still looking for a good car insurance? Take a look at the Allrisk car insurance from Centraal Beheer.

Car seats

If you then have a good car and good insurance, it is also important to buy a good car seat. The offer is huge and I can imagine that you can not see the forest through the trees. Perhaps this test from the consumer union can help you. They have tested various car seats for you. They test every six months the latest car seats on the protection in the event of a collision and ease of use. A site to keep a close eye on. After all, the car seat has to be replaced regularly to provide sufficient protection and comfort to your growing child.

Hopefully you have something about this information. Would you like to know more about the purchase of car seats? Then I would like to refer you to our report 'Car seats, you can safely come home' .. Are you planning to buy a second car? Then you can read here what you should pay attention to!

I wish you at least many safe kilometers!

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