The big iron book

Years ago, when Rocco was a lot younger, we played a lot together with iron beads. In the end he did it for a long time alone, until he was really too big for it. We made all sorts of funny characters, sometimes they suggested something, sometimes not. He gave them a gift or kept them in his desk. Perhaps they are still there today. Rocco can be pretty conservative and nostalgic and rarely throws something that he has warm memories of.

Fun for everyone

At the time, we could have used The Large Ironing Beads book well to get ideas and imitate figurines. In this super thick book there are more than 200 ideas. With iron beads you can make everything from animals and fairies, to cars and ice creams. Moreover, this book also offers great ideas for original creations. Did you know, for example, that you can make your Christmas decoration and birthday garland yourself? All you need are iron beads, a bead plate, baking paper and an iron. Fun for the whole family!

Stays fun

Ironing beads were already fun but with this book it is much more fun. There are so many nice examples in this book that are easy to copy. Whether you need a coaster, love penguins or use a special pendulum. You will find it in this book. Fun! Especially when it is cold and wet outside!

Specifications The large ironing book

TitleThe big iron book
PublishingPublisher Moon
AuthorMaria Gossé
IllustratorMaria Gossé
Number of pages264
price16.99 euros

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