The small first aid for Dummies

With small children around you, a little first aid knowledge is not a luxury. Actually, you should follow a first aid course immediately after birth, or perhaps even before birth. Because children always have something. They fall, they are sick, they bruise, they are stabbed, they ... Well, you have the picture. At Oudersenzo we pay a lot of attention to all those small (and less minor) problems, but you may not always have us on hand. You can easily put this little book in your handbag. You always have him at hand and there are times when this can be very useful ...

Physical discomfort

In this booklet you will find various information about various physical discomforts. Conditions in which there is no accident and which we can all suffer from in daily life. Think of a flu, headache or constipation. But you will also find all sorts of practical tips in this booklet, such as: 'What should all be in a box?' or how does an AED work? But also useful tips on disinfection or what to do in case of poisoning.

Valuable information

In short, that little book has 160 pages full of valuable information. Especially if you are not so well informed about First Aid, this book can be of great value. And let's be honest, you do not have to leave it for the price! Definitely a tip for young parents!

Specifications The small First Aid for Dummies

TitleThe small first aid for Dummies
AuthorPam Smits
Number of pages160
price8.99 euros

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