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The holiday is over and the busy periods are already lurking. Bringing and retrieving the children from school, picking up a new course, changes at work, thinking about the month of December ... In short: stress! For example, more than eight out of ten women experience stress when combining work and private situations. However, when she actually has these situations under control, 80% think herself successful from research by Vitango among 300 Dutch women.

Dutch women experience stress

Reactions to the question: "Do you think you are a successful woman and why?" Replied: "I am a good mother and a woman and very active", "I and my children are happy and I know all the obstacles of all day to overcome "to" I have a fairly good job and also run my household and maintain contacts with friends and family ". From this it can be concluded that especially the balance between private and work is important for the Dutch woman to find herself successful. If it is not possible to find the balance between work and private life, people will find themselves less successful and the respondents of the study will experience stress. In the past three months, no less than 85% of respondents have experienced stress at work or in private situations.

Daily stress moments

During which daily moments does the Dutch woman experience the most stress now? There appear to be moments at work and in private life where stress is experienced. Nearly one in five women indicates that they have been stressed during the last three months during important conversations at work. Overtime is also an important stress factor for 11% of the respondents. At home there are mainly broken nights (16%), important decision moments (13%) and a difficult situation with the partner (12%) stress moments.

Top 5 stress situations

In addition to daily stress, special situations are also reasons for tension. Because anyone who thinks that getting married, taking a new job or traveling alone can only bring about happiness, is wrong. It turns out that situations in which Dutch women experience stress. The research shows that especially getting children and closing a marriage cause tension. The top five looks like this:

1.Family expansion12%
4.Traveling for a long time6%
5.Change of job5%

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