Emma Bos, Eenhoornexpert

Unicorns are hipper than ever. Who is not crazy about unicorns? They are covered with magic, look beautiful and live especially in our imagination. Maybe your son or daughter is also called a one-hearing expert, just like Emma Bos. Emma also finds herself a real monopoly expert and she does everything she can to bring her unicorn magic and clean up their mess. Her mother is less happy with her hobby.

Full of information

Emma Bos is simply bursting with information and knowledge that she would like to share. She has labeled herself as a hearing expert and has dressed up all her toy toys and pets with their own unique horns. It is strange then that she does not know anything when a real unicorn comes into her house. But of course that should not spoil the fun at all. As Eenhoornexpert she probably knew that, but just did not show any cold bleeding.

And what do I think?

I think it is a cute - and recognizable - reading book. It is wonderful when children are completely absorbed in their imagination. One person feels superman and thinks he can save the whole planet, the other feels like an expert somewhere like Emma. It is also fun and it also gives children a good feeling.
Does your child know that there is also a real unicorn running through Emma's house? Where can you recognize this unicorn?

Specifications Emma Bos, Eenhoornexpert

TitleEmma Bos, Eenhoornexpert
PublishingRubinstein Publishing
AuthorMorag Hood
IllustratorElla Okstad
Number of pages32
price12.99 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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