The big Jill sketchbook

This is certainly not Jill's first book that I get in my hands and hopefully not the last. Recently we discussed her books 'More signs with Jill' and 'My diary'.
I find her drawings and explanations so clear and inspiring. It is a pity that I do not have more time, because I find her examples absolutely inviting to get started. It looks so simple that everyone can learn to draw in this way. And that's what I like so much about her books, that low threshold.

Full of inspiration

This sketchbook is again full of inspiration and tips to make even more fun Jill drawings. You can of course color the drawings that are already there. After all, it is not a reading book, it is a sketchbook. So it is the intention that you get to work yourself.

What can you expect?

The sketchbook contains ten large original drawings for coloring, plenty of practice space and step-by-step tips to get started. New are the exciting 3D pop-ups, so your drawings really come to life!

Nice and accessible

This sketchbook is also great fun to get started. Jill is known for her low-threshold drawings that not only seem simple, but because of her clear explanation are easy to draw. Absolutely recommended again!

Specifications The large Jill sketchbook

TitleThe big Jill sketchbook
PublishingCharacter Publishers
AuthorJill Schirnhofer
IllustratorJill Schirnhofer
Number of pages64
price14.99 euros

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