Love origami

You often need a lot of different material for various craftworks. With all these different materials it is quickly chaos on the table. Maybe that's why I think origami is so nice. It is clear you do not have a mess! In the book Love origami the folding sheets are even included! In the back of the book is an envelope with a stack of colored folding sheets. So you can get started right away!

Love origami

Love origami is a spectacular collection of 20 adventurous origami animals that offer maximum satisfaction with minimal effort. Ross Symons is an origami pioneer and his creativity extends to his witty and imaginative photo styling. Ross knows no limits to his ideas or experiences: he has made an original origami design for 365 days and placed it on his Instagram account. Complete with 20 sheets of origami paper and clear step-by-step instructional photos, Love origami teaches you the basic folds and shapes, as well as more complex creations.
If you've tried origami before and reported it frustrated, this book will be a relief for you!


In the booklet you will find clear instructions of various folding works, such as a: crane, horse, swan, owl, fish or rhinoceros. But there are many more. If you want to fold them all, you are still sweet.

Specifications Love origami

TitleLove origami
PublishingMus Creative
AuthorRoss Symons
IllustratorRoss Symons
Number of pages128
price9.99 euros

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