Olaz Total effects 7-in-one day cream

When I lie in my bed at night, the last thing I do is rub my face with night cream and an extra cream to prevent bags. When I get up in the morning, one of the first things I do is rub my face with a day cream. I think good care of my skin - in this case the skin of my face - is important. As you get older, you notice that your skin needs more attention. In addition, the actions take only a few seconds and it is therefore a small effort. One pot is next to my bed, the other with my make-up stuff.

For all ages

The day and night cream that I use most often is Olaz. I find the cream feel nice on my skin and I think that is absolutely a requirement. Of course a good day and night cream is not tied to age, it is for all ages, but if you are young your skin is so fresh and supple that you think you can handle the whole world and that your skin is beyond 40 will remain so. Yet it is thinking that you only have to smear from 40, not more of this time. After all, you want to keep your skin fresh and fruity for as long as possible! Recent research shows that the external influence from UV radiation and poor hydration play a greater role in aging the skin than the genetic predisposition. So lubricate!

Nice to this day cream

The nice thing about this day cream is the fact that it has everything in one, so I do not have to think about my skin all day long. Take, for example, the UV rays. Many women think they do not need UV protection when the sun is not shining. But even if the sun does not shine, there can be a lot of UV radiation. That is why it is super wise to use a day cream with SPF all year round. This SPF is simply already standard in this day cream processed. Handy, right?!

High SPF

Products with a high SPF are greasy and do not let the skin breathe or barely breathe. There is certainly a kernel of truth in it. But you do not run that risk when using the new Olaz Total Effects 7-in-One Day Cream SPF30 because this day cream feels incredibly light!

Price and availability

Olaz Total Effects 7-in-One Day Cream SPF30 is available for 16.82 euros at the drugstore. This price may differ per drugstore chain, because ultimately the retailer determines the final price.

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