Oh, what a year! - The board game

If you regularly watch RTL 4, it is possible that this game is familiar to you. I never look at the TV myself, so for me this game was completely new. Matter of equally well read the rules. Fortunately, the rules are fairly simple, so we were able to get started quickly.

Just Games comes in collaboration with Talpa with this funny game, inspired by the TV program of the same name. Return to a specific year and answer questions about the news, music and highlights of the year.

In the box

The game is funny and you play with two teams. In the box you will find: two boxes, a fake microphone, lots of colored balls, cards, cardboard glasses and a blonde wig. When you have unpacked everything, put it together and divided the balls, you divide the attendees into two teams and the fun can begin. You play the game in different phases. A few parts I found super funny and fun to do, but there was also one level, which I actually could not do much with. Maybe I should get some more skill in that first. Or watch the TV more often ...


In the meantime you can already enjoy RTL 4 with a brand new season since Saturday 24 November. Oh, What a Year! Now, just like team captains Jeroen van Koningsbrugge and Ruben Nicolai, you can compete with your own team. Discover how well you know about the events of the past. You make the quiz even more interactive with the supplied attributes. Do you answer the questions correctly and do you play the most points with your team? Then you win the Oh, What a Year! Board game!

The game is suitable for children from 12 years.

Oh, what a year! - The board game

NameOh, what a year! - The board game
BrandJust Games
price24.95 euros
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