The story book of baby bear

In this cute book of Baby Bear you will find no less than four complete stories, with the titles: Baby Bear finds a boot, Baby Bear finds a flower, Baby Bear finds a bird and Baby Bear finds a boyfriend. All four stories are just as cute, just like the accompanying illustrations.

Reading stories

Four delightful stories about the cute little bear that you immediately put in your heart. The stories are recognizable and written with so much love. David McPhail has created a classic reading figure with Baby Bear. His drawings will endear and will ensure that even the smallest ones will always bring this book out to experience adventures with Baby Bear.

The stories

Baby bear finds something new in every story. A boot for example, which he has fished out of the water. How should he trace the owner? Baby bear also finds a beautiful flower he wants to bring to Mamabeer, but how do you do that without picking him? A baby bird has fallen from the nest. Fortunately, Babybeer finds him before the hawk catches him. But how should he return to his nest? And the most beautiful baby bear in the last story: a boyfriend.
Everyone will be happy about this booklet!

Specifications The story book of baby bear

TitleThe story book of baby bear
PublishingLemniscaat Publishing
AuthorDavid McPhail
IllustratorDavid McPhail
Number of pages47
price14.95 euros

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