And the moon laughed

And the moon laughed, is a very sweet booklet. The moon is high in the sky, but the animals that have to sleep do not yet sleep, and the animals that have to hunt at night are still asleep. Then the moon lights up the stars one by one. And the diurnals slowly leave for dreamland and the nocturnal creatures awaken.


A star will appear on every page. Nice to count with your child. How many stars are there now? In a playful way he learns to count from 1 to 10, but there is more. The booklet also teaches the difference between day and night animals. Which animals live there at night? And which ones are sleeping? What do the nocturnal animals do at night? Why are these animals active in the dark? The booklet may not give all the information, but it is of course nice to tell this yourself.

Sweet illustrations

The booklet is made of sturdy cardboard and has sweet, colored illustrations. If I look closely at the illustrations, they are drawn with chalk, which gives the illustrations a special effect. With this theme, this book is of course perfectly suited to read out before bedtime. Count the beautiful prints of Petr Horáček and fall asleep yourself when the moon at the end of the book looks down on a farm where everything is as it should be.

Specifications And the moon laughed

TitleAnd the moon laughed
PublishingLemniscaat Publishing
AuthorPetr Horáček
IllustratorPetr Horáček
Number of pages26
price9.95 euros

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