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Recently I was informed that Haribo has expanded the assortment with three different sweets, all containing 30% less sugar. Look, that makes me happy. These are the sweets: Fruitilicious, Fruity Penguins and Scuba Mix with fresh fruit flavors (blackberries, watermelon, pineapple, apple, orange, strawberry, etc.).

Less taste? No!

Perhaps you think: 'Less sugar, is certainly less tasty?' That also went through my mind. My son had his birthday last Sunday. He was 14 years old. The room was full of visitors. A nice moment to test these sweets. Without any explanation (I did not want to influence anyone) I let the candy jar go around. After everyone had a small handful of sweets, everyone thought that the sweets were full of flavor and had no spiciness. That's nice to know. Less sugar does not mean less tasty in this case.

Puber at home

So I have an adolescent home and adolescents always seem to be hungry when they come from school. Which in any case me. As soon as he comes home, he goes on a raid. Anything that is slightly edible must believe it. What I am so happy that Haribo has come with sweets with 30% less sugar! He does sweets anyway, but with these sweets he gets at least 30% less sugar. That is already nicely included.

What is acceptable for children

When Rocco was a bit smaller, I found it difficult to estimate what was an acceptable amount of candy for him. Of course you want to be able to give something now and then, but it has to be reasonable. On the back of the bags of Haribo a good indication is given with the 'bearskin' and the text: 'A portion is a small hand of about 6 candies.' This is equal to about 25 grams. That gives a nice indication of a responsible portion. Very nice to get this tip as a young parent.

Off and then

Of course, there is nothing wrong with 'occasional' sweets, but sweets often taste like more. To avoid too much candy, I put 5 candies in a bowl in the morning. With those 5 sweets I have to do the whole day. I can eat them in an hour, but then I do not have anything else for the rest of the day. I can also use it economically.

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