Miffy turns colors

Last couple of days we have already discussed two other miffy booklets: Counting with Miffy and Miffy slider Who lives here? Today we are going to discuss the third and final book 'Miffy conjures colors' a magical book for a bath! The booklet is made of plastic, so that he can be taken in the bath. How nice is that! And do you know what extra is fun? The book changes color in the water! Wow!

Pure magic

The colors of the illustrations in this bath book appear when the pages of this book come into contact with water. What a magical experience! The white droplets on the cover suddenly turn into cheerful colored drops! Really great to discover. The white illustrations on the pages also change color when they come into contact with water. That is double fun in the bath!


The book is square, executed in the plastic and filled with foam, making it feel soft. The different pages are executed in their own color (blue, yellow, red). A number of illustrations are white but colors when they come into contact with water. Not only great for children from 6 months, but especially very nice!

Specifications Miffy turns colors

TitleMiffy turns colors
PublishingPublisher Mercis Publishing
AuthorDick Bruna
IllustratorDick Bruna
Number of pages8
price8.95 euros
Order immediatelyBol.com

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